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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 30: Nanny Burnout

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We know that with a pandemic in the mix, nannies are currently working jobs that are tremendously more difficult than what they signed up for. Hopefully you can find some relief in our episode on Nanny Burnout.

While we advocate for having a vent session in person with a community nanny, due to social distancing that makes it harder, but not impossible, to find an online community. Listen to our episode on Networks vs Communities for the key steps to find an online community so you can find a sympathetic ear to vent to.

In addition, Newborn Care Solutions hosted a trauma therapist to talk about coping through this pandemic. CLICK HERE to view the video on that topic. And CLICK HERE to view the NannyCast press release on the topic of the Nanny Relief Fund.

In this episode, Nannies Jen and Laura explore the complex topic of nanny burnout: where it comes from, how to tell if you have it, and how to fix it.

Voices for the Nanny Burnout Inventory come from the following generous voice actors:

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