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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 33: Networks vs Communities

In the Newborn Care Solutions’s Real Talk Education on 19 April 2020, Hope Schachter recommended connecting with nanny community using online Facebook groups. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Don’t do that before you listen to our episode on the difference between networks and communities. Make sure you seek community where community is.

If you are curious about The Nanny Relief Fund, please take a look at our statement on that fund.

What is a network? What is a community? Are they the same? What critical differences are there between the two that can protect you from an untimely tattling/firing?

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  1. […] social distancing that makes it harder, but not impossible, to find an online community. Listen to our episode on Networks vs Communities for the key steps to find an online community so you can find a sympathetic ear to vent […]

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