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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 01: Your Nanny is NOT an Interloper

We are airing an updated rebroadcast of the first episode of NannyCast 2.0. The audio has been shortened, made concise, cleaned up what best we can, and we have mixed in illustrative clips from Mojo in the Morning to freshen it up and give it multiple perspectives.

We hope you enjoy this evergreen topic aimed at preventing an unnecessary adversarial relationship.

When you invited your nanny in to your house and your home as your employee, you eliminated any chance that nanny could be an interloper. Your professional nanny doesn’t want your spouse. Your professional nanny isn’t trying to steal your children away from you. And your professional nanny isn’t purposefully being obtrusive in your personal space; it just is that it happens to be their workplace.

Additional Show Notes:

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