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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 37: Get Sent to a Nanny Conference

interNational Nanny Training Day is upon us and this year there is only one, it is centralized, and it is virtual. Which means that if you can hear this podcast, you can attend it. But don’t be out of pocket about it. We’ve got a podcast episode for getting professional development as a fringe benefit, even if it isn’t in your contract.

This episode is all about how to get your employers to pay your tuition to a nanny conference or class, even if, and especially if, you didn’t negotiate professional development into your compensation package when you were hired. We cover step by step why you would want to go and how to structure the conversation with your employers. And even how to tell if they’ve said, “Please, keep convincing me!” without using those words. Because they never use those words.

Additional Show Notes:

Transcript on original episode.

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