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NannyCast 49: (Nanny Burnout 2) It Isn’t Laziness

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Show Notes and Resources:


Hello and welcome to another fun and exciting signal boost type episode of NannyCast. Today’s episode is a companion piece to one we’ve already done on Nanny Burnout which as episode thirty. You can find that on our website at nannycast dot com and do a search for “burnout”. In that episode we explained how burnout works in the brain, gave a quick diagnostic quiz to determine if you were nanny burned out, and then gave a ton of strategies to fight the burnout without having to forego much needed income.

This episode is different. This one is for understanding the lack of motivation that accompanies burnout and how it relates to, but is different from, depression or laziness. As you’ll hear in the video, sometimes burnout and depression are both in play, but laziness is a stand alone and doesn’t come with either burnout or depression and you’ll hear why that is. The audio for this podcast comes from a psychotherapist and accredited psychological CEU instructor named

{Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes}

who offers this in a longer form piece that can be found on YouTube or at doc snipes dot com slash lazy. We have a link in the show notes to both and if your podcatcher isn’t showing you the show notes, head over to nannycast dot com and look for episode forty-nine.

And with that, take it away Dr. Snipes


{Video Audio 1}

In our case, for Nanny Burnout, we focus only on burnout that is caused by work.

{Video Audio 2}

We discuss this HPA axis in depth in Episode 30 if you want to know more about it. Dr. Snipes does not give us any more information aside from calling HPA activation the same as the fight or flight reflex as she has already done here.

{Video Audio 3}

And hey, guess what gentle listeners, WE are the “this person” Dr. Snipes is talking about, so we just have to ask ourselves if there was a time that we were energized or motivated. If the answer is yes, we aren’t lazy!

{Video Audio 4}

Well, when you put it that way I see that I’m not just classically lazy but am instead burned out. But also, I don’t want to be burned out. I miss my old me. I want to do something about it. Whatchat got for me Doc Snipes?

{Video Audio 5}

Yeah, yeah, self care. We’ve all heard the term. The salon wants me to think self care is a set of newly polished toenails. The yoga studio wants me to think self care is enrollment in their newest yoga class. My Mom thinks it is a bubble bath with a glass of wine. But surely self care doesn’t just mean self indulgently purchasing stuff. What are some ideas of self care from you, Dr. Snipes?

{Video Audio 6}

We will provide resources to burnout-friendly sleep hygiene tools and burnout-friendly nutrition options in the shownotes for this show; this is episode 49. And with that, any final words of advice for us?

{Video Audio 7}

Ah, distress tolerance. We’ll give a good link to that in the show notes as well. Distress tolerance is a form of resilience that is specifically instructed in something called dialectical behavior therapy or DBT. If you find increasing your distress tolerance helpful, see if your therapist is DBT competent to help you further!

And with that, we look forward to spending time with you on the next episode. Nanny Jen out!

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