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Month: March 2022

NannyCast 49: (Nanny Burnout 2) It Isn’t Laziness

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Show Notes and Resources:

(rebroadcast) NannyCast 37: Get Sent to a Nanny Conference

interNational Nanny Training Day is upon us soon. This year we are back to hyperlocal events so hopefully there is one near you! We’ve got a podcast episode for getting professional development as a fringe benefit, even if it isn’t in your contract.

NannyCast 48: 2020 NannyCast Book Club — You’ll Never Nanny in this Town Again (Part 2 of 2)

Every year, listeners and hosts of NannyCast read one book from a nannying perspective and then collaborate on a Saturday in mid-May to discuss the book, its lessons for nannies, and reflect using our own life experiences.