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Month: June 2020

NannyCast 41: The Fairy God Nanny Foundation and Fund

On April 13th, 2020, we invited Nanny Tass to come on NannyCast and explain her nanny charity fund, The Fairy God Nanny Foundation. We did a one of a kind live taping in Zoom where people could join and unmute themselves if they had questions they wanted answered. And we had attendees (though none had questions)! Make sure you follow NannyCast’s Facebook page to get invitations to all future community contribution events.

(rebroadcast) NannyCast 33: Networks vs Communities

In the Newborn Care Solutions’s Real Talk Education on 19 April 2020, Hope Schachter recommended connecting with nanny community using online Facebook groups. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Don’t do that before you listen to our episode on the difference between networks and communities. Make sure you seek community where community is.

If you are curious about The Nanny Relief Fund, please take a look at our statement on that fund.