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NannyCast: Summer Break 2022 Coming to a Close

Hello everyone, it is September! National Nanny Recognition Week happens this month from September 18th to the 24th. Actually, I should check my language, it is INTERnational nanny recognition week! And we here at NannyCast are celebrating with you as a return from our summer break. We have a Cards Against Humanity extension that we release every year with cards specifically tailored to nannying as submitted by you. It drops on the final day of international nanny recognition week, the 24th, in our podcast feed. Please submit your great ideas for new cards for this year with the link you’ll find in the show notes over at NannyCast dot com slash submit 2022 which is all one word. Once again the show notes are at NannyCast dot com slash submit 2022. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming after the wrap of interNational Nanny Recognition Week.

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