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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 19: Nannying with Dogs

In this classic episode from NannyCast v 1.0, Nannies Denny and Jenni tell tales of times that the nanny dog or the babysitting dog caused a horror or an emergency, and some ideas for how dogs can be integrated into the household more easily.

NannyCast 23: Play

Early Child Development Series. This episode covers everything you could possibly learn about children and their play. We cover the six types of play as taught in ECE classes, as well as the two types of play-with-adults as taught to psychotherapists. And we teach you why play is important, not just that play is important.

And for the human resources connection? This is your professional development, free!

(rebroadcast) NannyCast 10: Interview with a Nanny Employer from the 1980s

This episode comes from the long lost archives of NannyCast v1.0 which has been taken from us by cruel, cruel fate. Here is a trip down memory lane to close to a decade ago when NannyCast had first launched and Nanny Jen interviewed a woman (her mom) who employed a nanny during the late 1980s to early 1990s. You’ll listen to how things have changed, but also to how things have essentially stayed the same.

NannyCast 22: Employee (mis) Classification

Am I an independent contractor? My bosses think I should have a 1099, should I? What is a W2? Should I be afraid to fill out a W4? What is an I9? How about a W9? What happens if I get a 1099? And your mnemonic: Even numbers are your friend; Iiiiiiiiiiii’m not worried about it.

NannyCast 18: Nanny Up, Our Take

Episode number nine from the podcast Unladylike is entitled “How to Nanny Up”. We were very interested in what non-nannies had to say on the topic, so we tuned in and this episode showcases our thoughts. We cover finding the courage to speak up as equals to employers, intersectionality, exploitation, the reason why nannies are considered by society to be somehow lesser, and ways to fight back.