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NannyCast 11: Let’s Talk About Money, Our Take

How do you get the raise or paycheck that you deserve and/or need? In this episode, nannies Denny and Jenni discuss what they learned in a 2012 webinar on that very topic: Let’s Talk About Money. For those who want to get straight to the point, the upfront ends at 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

NannyCast 07: All Things Quitting

How to know when you have come to the end of your road in your current job so that you can tender your resignation before things get ugly and bitter? How do you do it with maximum ability to preserve the relationship you have with the adults and children? What if there is abuse in the household? What about job creep? What about inconsistent pay? What about…? This is the episode that covers all of this, and more.

NannyCast 05: Employer’s Views on Traveling with Nanny

As offered in the previous episode, here is a phone recording episode of Nanny Jen’s MomBoss discussing why she chooses to take a nanny on vacation with her and what she thinks is important to having a positive outcome of sharing a vacation with a nanny.

NannyCast 03: Industry Standard 

Speaking of … the nannies of NannyCast investigate what is industry standard within the nannying industry. Interested in hiring a nanny? Learn what your nanny is likely expecting or needs to be warned is not the norm. Are you a nanny wondering if you are asking too much? Learn what your employers expect you to do so that you know what you need to make special mention of.