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NannyCast 52: Keep Your Body to Yourself – Consent and the Small Child [special presentation] Part 2 of 2

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Hi, Nanny Jen here!

I was contacted to give a session during National Nanny Training Day which was to take place in April of 2020 and it was going to be for my local nannies in the state of North Carolina. But then as the end of March neared, novel coronavirus disease 2019 started running rampant in the United States. Training Day maven and head superhoncho Sue Downey allowed for a first time ever that local trainings could go online and so my session was moved online as well. What follows is a recording of that session broken into multiple parts.

In the shownotes on the NannyCast website you will also see a link to the replay. The replay is not hosted by me, but by the person who originally produced the national nanny training day event I was part of. As such, it is paid content on the honor system where the cost of a fancy coffee will get you access; pay what you want but there is a suggested amount.

And now, let’s join Nanny Jen from 2020 and see what there is to learn.

(workshop audio)

By the way, if you have employers who want to take this training, there’s a version just for them. They can find it by going to clinic dot nannyknowledge dot tk slash consent . It is as free for them as this is for you to attend live, and as paid for them as it is for you to watch the replay. However the language is slightly different and that makes a parent feel engaged. Please, send them my way if you think it would make your work experience easier; I’ll happily do the hard work of upping their parent prowess.

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