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Category: Episodes

First-run episodes of NannyCast.

NannyCast 37: Get Sent to a Nanny Conference

This episode is all about how to get your employers to pay your tuition to a nanny conference or class, even if, and especially if, you didn’t negotiate professional development into your compensation package when you were hired. We cover step by step why you would want to go and how to structure the conversation with your employers. And even how to tell if they’ve said, “Please, keep convincing me!” without using those words. Because they never use those words.

NannyCast 35: Online Abbreviations for Nanny Support Groups

MB told me to take G3mo’s BM out and BW her while I do. Then the WFHD suggested we try CIO in preparation for NNNO. Tagging this post NNR for attention!

In this episode, we’ll help you decode the above message, as well as introduce you to even more abbreviations you didn’t even know existed. You’re welcome.

NannyCast 32: Mary Poppins [book club]

NannyCast Book Club Our first installment of NannyCast book club, we read Mary Poppins to learn what we could about tips to be the very best employees we can as nannies. Turns out, Mary Poppins wasn’t so good at being an employee. So what was she good at? Listen and see!

NannyCast 29: Bossiness Tied to Weight; Our Take [NannyCast 1.0]

In another recovered episode from NannyCast 1.0— Check your bossiness lest you end up with obese children. Words that science forbids. Child feeding tips. Don’t you like peas? Why children prefer bland food. National Nanny Training Day. Proof that we’ve been podcasting at you since 2012 if you can find it. And more! This fortnight on NannyCast.