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NannyCast 46: Your Clutter Style

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I hope this podcast finds you well. Today is another non-standard signal boost for a very good bit of information from the Clutterbug podcast, which we will link in the show notes over at NannyCast dot com or visible in the app you are using to listen to this podcast; this is episode number 46 for reference. It is especially useful for anyone who has ever quit or wanted to quit because they could not handle the organization, or lack thereof, in the homes in which they were working. This audio is about clutter personalities of which there are four, according to Cassandra Aarssen, the hostess of Clutterbug dot me, the media empire behind today’s podcast snippet. She bills herself as a recovering super slob who turned into an organizational expert, and given that there are no degrees or licenses in this field, the fact that she’s been hired by HGTV to host a show called Hot Mess House is good enough for us!

NannyCast, dedicated to human resources topics, chose to provide this audio snippet because good placements are so important and one of the key components of a good placement is a work environment we don’t find messy. A messy work environment has an effect on employee accuracy. Don’t believe us? You shouldn’t just from our say-so! So we will link to a peer reviewed scholarship paper published in the journal called Management Decision from November 2013 which provides the credibility you need for our claim. You can find the paper in the show notes over at NannyCast dot com. And, well, our employers want us to be accurate and as employees, we do too!

If you are a nanny who is exhausted from daily operation in an environment that doesn’t come naturally to you, listen on. Knowing your own organizational style can help you better communicate with potential employers to make sure there is a match in this domain. Or, even better, if you can spare some podcast subscription space, stop this episode and just subscribe to the Clutterbug podcast and listen to every episode. We’ve linked that podcast in the show notes.

If you are driving or watching your charges or something else that requires your eyeballs, you’re still going to learn a lot from Cass via the audio excerpt so keep listening on.

If you already know what your predisposed organizational style is, we’ll see you in the next episode. For the rest of us, myself included, let’s learn!

(transition to Clutterbug podcast excerpt 01)

So now that we have been introduced to the two axes, we just have to put it together into the four combinations which are visual macro, hidden macro, visual micro, and hidden micro.

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(transition to Clutterbug podcast excerpt 03)

(conclusion from Clutterbug podcast)

(conclusion from Clutterbug podcast 02)

(conclusion from Clutterbug podcast 03)

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