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NannyCast 43: Your Personality Already Chose Your Parenting Style

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Episode Transcript:

I hope this podcast finds you well. Today is another non-standard signal boost for a very good bit of information originally delivered by video. It is especially useful for Junior Nannies, which means nannies in their first five years of nannying or their first five placements, whichever comes last, and for those who are struggling to find their parenting niche and style. This video is about how one’s personality predisposes one to a particular parenting style and comes from a practicing psychotherapist named Mattias J Barker.

NannyCast, dedicated to human resources topics, choose to provide this audio snippet because good placements are so important and one of the key components of a good placement is constancy of care which means the parenting styles of the parents are the same as the parenting style of the nanny. When I was first starting out, I applied to any job that was not too far and paid what I wanted to be paid and had ages I felt comfortable with, figuring that I could simply perform the parent’s parenting style. I learned the hard way that I could not. It took me a decade to learn my predisposed parenting style when I could simply have watched or listened to a fourteen minute video. Please accept this shortcut. Life is too short to learn every lesson the hard way.

If you are a nanny who is exhausted from daily performance of a parenting style that doesn’t come naturally to you, listen on. Or, even better, if you can spare some eyeballs for a fourteen minute – yes fourteen minute! – Facebook video, stop this episode and watch the Facebook video in its entirety; the eye contact by Mattias Barker does add something to his audio. You can find the video linked from the show notes for this episode or by going to nannycast dot com slash parenting personality.

If you are driving or watching your charges or something else that requires your eyeballs, you’re still going to learn a lot from Mattias Barker via the audio so keep listening on.

If you already know what your predisposed parenting style is, we’ll see you in the next episode. For the rest of us, myself included, let’s learn!

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