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Month: February 2019

NannyCast 27: What is Your Boss Thinking? Part 2

This is part two of a two part series that explores what is going through your MomBoss or DadBoss’s head when they engage in behaviors that confuse us. This series is designed to give the nanny insight into their boss’s mind so that nanny can craft his or her reaction around the understanding of where the behavior is coming from.

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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 24: Nannypalooza 2012

Thanks to our amazing listeners, audio from NannyCast 1.0 continues to surface! You’ll have heard in our previous rebroadcast episodes that we promised we were headed to the 2012 Nannypalooza to do a taping…and we did! Learn about who you can expect to meet at Nannypalooza, why you should consider going, what tips are to get your employers to pay, and more!