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(rebroadcast) NannyCast 28: How to Read Children’s Books THE BEST

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Since children still cannot be vaccinated, some of us are choosing to keep the children far from danger which means a lot of reading and a lot of books. Let’s revisit this episode to help us read to them the most effective way possible.

In this episode, guest Krystal Black of the Chapel Hill Public Library joins us to teach us how to read books to children The Best, whether it be one charge or a handful of children. She also answers listener questions, discusses the word gap, gives tips for how to incorporate more books into your day, tells us how to introduce children to new literature when you’ve grown tired of their favorites, and (timecode 15 minutes) plays Stump the Librarian while teaching us how to read some particularly problematic types of books.

(timecode 24 minutes) Listeners, you can win a copy of the BabyLit title Alice in Wonderland! (submissions are now closed and a winner has been chosen and awarded)

Additional Show Notes:

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