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NannyCast: interNational Nanny Recognition Week 2022 Recap

Happy belated interNational Nanny Recognition Week! This is Nanny Jen. Did you get your gift from us?

We produce a Cards Against Humanity extension every year filled with nanny themed cards. We have different ones for different years and we dropped the 2022 pack on the last day of interNational Nanny Recognition Week, September 24th. It is not too late to get it if you haven’t yet. Head over to NannyCast dot com slash category slash C A H and grab this year’s and all the previous year’s too if you want.

Oh, did I mention it is FREE?!!

Once again that’s NannyCast dot com slash category slash C A H

We’ll see you in two weeks with a fresh episode full of the new NannyCast content you know us to produce. See you then!

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